Betsy DeVos Takes Page from Tim Hugo on Sexual Assault

As Betsy DeVos today suggested that the Trump administration would weaken protections for survivors of campus sexual assault, we were reminded that Tim Hugo was one of only three members of the 100-person House of Delegates to vote against legislation that would have empowered public high schools to teach students about the legal definition of consent.
“When it comes to sexual violence, high school students deserve to know their rights,” said House Democratic Caucus spokeswoman Katie Baker. “Students need to be taught that consent cannot be given by someone who is unconscious, and survivors who froze deserve to know that just because they didn’t fight back doesn’t mean they weren’t raped. Tim Hugo spoke at a rally for a president who bragged about groping women, and he voted against giving teenagers information about their rights. Like Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos, Tim Hugo has turned his back on survivors of sexual assault.”