With Control of House at Stake, GOP Leaders Fight for Seat Loupassi Twice Conceded

RICHMOND, Va. – With control of the House of Delegates in balance, Delegate Kirk Cox, who was named Speaker-Designee by his Caucus before it lost at least 15 seats Tuesday, has declared he is fighting for a seat that Delegate Manoli Loupassi twice conceded.

In a Tweet on Thursday, Cox appealed to Republicans to donate to his Leadership PAC for “as many as five pending recounts.”

One of the districts Cox mentioned was HD-68, of which he said, “Delegate Manoli Loupassi is within the margin to request a recount.”

However, Delegate Loupassi has conceded to Delegate-elect Dawn Adams and even deleted his Facebook page.

“Mr. Loupassi conceded the evening of Nov. 7 and called me very early the morning of Nov 8th to tell me of a meeting later that evening suggesting that I attend,” said Delegate-elect Dawn Adams. “He stated that he would not be attending that meeting because he would not be part of the 2018 session, thus solidifying his concession.”

“Control of the House of Delegates could come down to a single vote margin in any one of three districts still in play,” said Trent Armitage, executive director of the House Democratic Caucus. “Delegate Cox can see his majority slipping away in the rearview mirror, and he is now desperately claiming that a district that one of his own colleagues has twice conceded is still up for grabs. The House GOP is grasping at straws instead of simply being honest with Republicans – things did not turn out well for them.”

House Democrats flipped at least 15 Republican-held seats in a wave election Tuesday night. They include 11 women, five people of color, six millennials, and two members of the LGBTQ community. They also include several firsts, including the first two Asian-American women, the first two Latinas, the first openly lesbian woman and the first openly transgender person to be elected to the Virginia House of Delegates.

Control of the House of Delegates rests with the three districts that remain in recount territory: HD-28, HD-40, and HD-94.