GOP House Nominee Lied About Educational Credentials, Ran from Creditors

RICHMOND, Va. – According to a story broken this weekend by the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Laquan Austion, the Republican nominee in the 2nd House District, misrepresented that he held a master’s degree and a Ph.D on his LinkedIn profile and told a local news outlet that he held a master’s degree when he does not.
Austion now claims to still be in pursuit of both degrees, although he has not been enrolled in a degree program since 2014. Austion also said he took a leave from his program to run for the House of Delegates, even though he did not announce his campaign until February 2017 – a month after the current Republican incumbent said he would not seek re-election. 
The article also noted that two creditors had been forced to drop their lawsuits against Austion because they could not find him. One of the cases was brought by Payless Auto Wholesale, which alleged that Austion had not made payment nor returned an Audi he had purchased in New Jersey in 2012. 
It is unclear what happened to the car. 
“Laquan Austion misrepresented his educational credentials and could not be found by a creditor who sold him a luxury car,” said Virginia House Democratic Caucus spokeswoman Katie Baker. “This is not someone who merely ran into financial difficulty and asked for help. This is someone who is fundamentally dishonest and cannot be trusted to hold public office.”