ICYMI: Five Key Clips from Virginia House Dems

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Washington Post (Toscano): Georgia was not the bellwether; Virginia is
In this op-ed, House Democratic Leader David J. Toscano makes the case that “Georgia’s 6th Congressional District never should have been christened the epicenter of the resistance” and lays out why “this fall’s contests for the Virginia House are a much better investment for a party hungry for change.”
Associated Press: After Trump, groups helping Dems in Virginia House contests
In this piece, the Associated Press highlights efforts by a wide-range of activist groups who have offered their support to our House of Delegates candidates in the wake of Donald Trump’s election. The AP noted the efforts of Flippable, Run for Something, Sister District, and the newly-formed Win Virginia – which will be helmed by Tom Perriello. Public school teacher Schuyler VanValkenburg and House Democratic Leader David J. Toscano are both quoted in the article as welcoming the support.  
TIME: Will 2017 Be the Year of the Transgender Candidate?
In this piece from TIME, University of Mary Washington political scientist Stephen Farnsworth calls long-time journalist Danica Roem’s bid against Delegate Bob Marshall “arguably the state legislative race of the year in America.”
If elected, Roem would be the first openly-transgender state legislator in the country. Marshall is the author of a failed “bathroom bill” that is even more extreme than North Carolina’s HB2. He even once refused to shake the hand of a teenager who founded a gay-straight alliance at her high school.
Loudoun Times-Mirror: Founder of local Indivisible chapter to challenge Minchew in 10th District
Clarke County’s Wendy Gooditis, a realtor and long-time educator, is our Democratic nominee in the 10th District. As noted by the Loudoun Times-Mirror, Gooditis “is running on a message of a hard work ethic pays and that ‘the government should provide all Virginians with the basics, job opportunities, safe roads, clean air and equal opportunity.’”
Richmond Times-Dispatch: Virginia candidate for delegate raises record $284,000 in first period, $2,100 in the second
After raising nearly $300,000 in the first reporting period of the year, a record for a non-incumbent, Republican Subba Kolla raised questions by reporting only $2,100 in the second reporting period – despite sending fundraising emails during the period.
The Republican nominee in the 87th District, Kolla is known for announcing “17 votes for our nominee, Mr. Donald J. Trump!” at the Republican National Convention last year in Cleveland.