RICHMOND, VA—Virginia House Democratic Caucus Executive Director Jaime Reimers released the following statement in response to a Virginia Mercury report that Jose Feliciano Jr., a Virginia Redistricting Commission member appointed by House Republican Leader Todd Gilbert, made “vulgar or degrading online comments” which were politically motivated and denied the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election:

“The revelation of highly inappropriate behavior by an individual selected to serve on the Redistricting Commission is extremely disturbing. In being selected, this individual is entrusted with ensuring our democratic process by drawing the legislative lines of our Commonwealth for the next decade.

“The fact that an individual capable of such behavior was nominated by the Republican minority leader and received a personal letter of recommendation supporting his appointment from the former Republican Chair of the Privileges and Elections Committee demands explanation and accountability.

“Mr. Feliciano must be immediately removed from the Commission and Leader Gilbert and Delegate Cole owe Virginians a full explanation on why they believe an individual who denies the legitimacy of our elections is fit to serve on a Commission so crucial to our democracy.

“Virginians deserve answers in order to restore their trust in the selection process.”

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